Friday, October 3, 2008

Hello Readers of Adoptive Families!!

Welcome all you adoptive parents!! You probably got this site from the Adoptive Families Blog page. I'm so excited because this affords me the opportunity to vent my rage to a whole new group of people!

A little something about goggy (me) - my wife and I became foster parents a few years ago. Some were removed and were placed elsewhere. But our second foster child became our son just after his second birthday. As the ink dried on his adoption papers, we began the process with a private agency. Three months later, our daughter was born.

I began this blog almost two years ago as catharsis - too many funny stories about my kids and inappropriate things said by friends, family, and even total strangers. Being a multiracial family never has a dull moment. People openly stare at our African-American son, then look at us, look at him, then look at us again and ask, "So is he adopted?"

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Sharon said...

Hi Billy! I did find you through the AF blog page -- my blog is listed there as well. We are also a multiracial family and have had plenty of people ask if our son is adopted. I'm sure you and I could trade lists of all the replies we've considered instead of a polite, "Yes!"