Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Black Sabbath has been published!

Hey all

Just thought some of you might be interested in checking the Jan/Feb 09 issue of Adoptive Families magazine. My article, Black Sabbath, is on page 20. I haven't received the issue in the mail yet, so I have no idea what their edit looks like. But I thought y'all could be on the lookout. This is so far my fourth published work and my second paying one!


Sue said...

I just wanted to write to tell you that I enjoyed the article that you wrote for Adoptive Families. We are a diverse family as well. Our 2 year old is African American and our 6 month old is Philipino and African American. We have open adoptions with both birthfamilies. We also get the stares and questions about our family and try to use each situation to tell our adoption story. We actually get more "is that your child?" questions from African Americans. I think what gets to me the most about it is that when we say "yes", they say "oh" and walk away. We are very blessed though to live in a multi-cultural area with many opportunities for our children to learn about their culture. Most of our friends are black and we go to a diverse church. Anyway, you probably didn't really care to know all that, it's just nice to know that there are other people experiencing the same things we do. Thanks again for your article and I enjoy reading about your family. We have a lot in common.

Sue from Chicago

Laurie said...

Sue- This is Billy's wife. Thanks for leaving a comment. You can read more about our family at

kathy55439 said...

Thank you for the article you wrote. I would like to adopt but am saving money to get out of debt by I house first. I am single and want to make sure I can afford to take care of the child God has for me. I am working as a nanny now but can not wait to adopt out of foster care. Right now I am looking into what state would be best to live in when I start being a foster parent.

Goggy Coffee said...

Hi Kathy

That's so great that you're adopting out of the foster care! My wife and I would love nothing more than become foster parents again. Good luck!

Goggy Coffee said...

Hi Sue

Thanks for reading! That's great that you live in a multi-cultural area. I think the best thing you can do for your kids is surround them with children that look like them as well as children that are adopted. For my kids to see other families where the kids and parents don't look like each other is huge!


The Beans said...

Thanks for your article!! My husband and I adopted a Hispanic son who we adore. He's almost 3 and we are getting ready to adopt a second child: Hispanic or biracial. Just wanted to mention that our church started a support group for adoptive and foster care families. The best is when all the kids get together (when we have a bbq or something) and just play and laugh. They are mostly younger kids and many don't look like mom and dad and when they're all together it is amazing! Anyway thanks for your article and site. Looks like you have a lot of fun!
- da Beans ;-)

J-momma said...

i loved the article as well. in fact, that's how i found your blog. would you mind writing (or commenting on my blog) about how you got published in that magazine or any others? did you just send an article in and hope they liked it? thanks.

Anonymous said...


I found your blog through the great article in Adoptive Families. We have had our two beautiful biracial children almost two years! Betz is 22 months now, and Danny is 18 months. They are so precious and beautiful. It is so good to read about other families like ours. My husband is Irish, I'm a Caucasian mutt and my two adorable children and African-American and Caucasian. We have learned to forestall that awful question that you get in public, "are they yours" by keeping a running dialogue going with our kids. "Mommy is looking carrots? Do you see them?" "Daddy wants you to sit down in the cart." It felt foolish to talk like this at first, but I like the way that it sets our family relationship for the intrusive, nosey boobs.

I really chuckled at that line "Does his hair look like it was done by a white person..." Every morning I struggle to condition and rubberband my wiggly darling Betz's hair. Some days the parts are straight... I am learning to forgive myself for my imperfections as I master styling her hair.

Thanks for sharing your insights. Great blog!

Jana from Florida