Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Chicken Soup for the Moms

Here's a link to the publisher for Chicken Soup for the Soul: Power Moms which will contain one of my stories. She's got a post and a you tube video about the upcoming book which will be released March 24th.

For anyone in my fan club, don't get your hopes up. I'm not in the video. But I'm okay with that. The authors featured in the video are famous celebrities and NY Times Bestselling authors. Now I know what you all are thinking. "Billy. You're just as talented as they are." Of course, you're right. But I have yet to attain their status or receive their accolades. At present, I can only claim to have read a NY Times Bestselling book once. However, I can't remember what it was called or what it was about.

Nonetheless, the publisher has also put in an author's bio link on her website. There you can view bios like "Starred in Emmy-winning" this, or "Won the National Book Award" for that, and then see my "Works at Starbucks." She had to change the heading (and men) just for me. Yeah, baby! Take that, Stephen King!

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