Friday, February 27, 2009

We got our copies today

My article that I wrote about Vivi's birth is on page 23 & 24, titled Grief and Joy. It's about the grief and loss when we were going through infertility and the effects they had when we adopted our daughter.
Our son, Isaac's picture is on the Family Album page 47.
And our friend Debbie's daughter, Isabel is on page 30.
My wife will be keeping Isabel part-time for the next couple months and is really looking forward to it.
If you do not have a subscription to this magazine, get one. It is full of really useful information. You can also have your local Barnes and Noble order as many copies of it as you want.


Yoli said...

I enjoyed your article immensely and I could relate to it.

Annmarie said...

My head was nodding off my neck as I read your article-My thoughts exactly. I could relate in so many ways to your experience as my husband and I adopted our twin girls. Though their adoption fell through four times before we could finally bring them home at 5 months old-I was an absolute emotional wreck and felt I wasn't able to truly enjoy the whole birth/adoption process. I gave birth to a baby girl in October and the one thing that resonated with me was that I could enjoy the whole hospital experience-knowing I didn't have to hold my breath, wondering if I could bring her home to be with her forever family. Thanks so much for sharing your story.