Friday, April 9, 2010

The Momless Journals - Day One

Laurie went out of town this weekend for a women's retreat. It's the longest she's ever been away from the kids since they came home. In other words, it's the longest period of time I've been alone the kids since they came home. I figure enough interesting stuff is going to happen that I'll have lots of blogworthy material.


315pm - Mom says goodbye while kids are watching television. Thus, the kids handle her departure well.

4pm - TV is off. Kids play outside.

405pm - Kids get into mischief outside. I threaten they either play nice or go to bed for the night.

405-5pm - Kids play nice.

5-630pm - Gattitown. I start with a salad for the three of us. Both kids eat all their salad. I get us pizza and both kids eat like three pieces of pizza. Vivi is funny, each time I get up to go to the buffet she follows me. Then we played games and both kids did great. They rode a pirate ship together and took turns on arcade games. Then we had dessert and Icees. Isaac ate cherry cobbler, a piece of chocolate pizza, apple pie pizza, and cinnamon pizza. When Vivi started crying that her Icee was all gone, Isaac gave her his. I try not to start weeping in middle of crowded dinner rush.

645pm - On the way home, Vivi vehemently protests "I'm not ti-hi-hi-yer-her-her-her-herd."

7pm - Back home, both kids wired from dinner. Play in playroom.

705pm - Playroom time doesn't go well. Vivi goes to bed. Mentions wanting Mommy for the first time.

710-8pm - Isaac, still wired from either his third or fourth helping of dessert, spins in circles on the playroom floor while singing, "Girls Just Want to Have Fun."

8pm - Isaac to bed. Daddy blogs.

"Miss you, Honey!"

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Beth said...

Just watched the video -- made me laugh out loud hysterically!